Experience English Summer Camp 2008

Charleston, SC, USA

(July 24 – August 12, 2008)
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As we reflect on the all the hard work involved in developing and implementing this summer camp we are so thankful that we had such a strong team involved. This experience could not have been possible without the time and dedication from so many people, so before we share all of the wonderful memories from this camp we have to express deep gratitude to those involved:
THANKS to...
  • the children who opened their minds to a new experience
  • to the Korean families who trusted us with their children
  • to the Korean leader and chaperones who guided the children safely on this voyage
  • to the teachers who created fun activities for the kids
  • to the host families for sharing your home and hearts with these children
A big thank you to all those people who made this experience possible!
Arrival Day, Thursday, July 24, 2008
Nineteen Korean children
(ages 7 -13) and their chaperones arrived at Charleston International Airport with curiosity in their eyes, adventure in their hearts, and
fatigue written all over their bodies.
Luckily their flight arrived on time
and all the travelers left the airport with all their luggage.

Everyone was hungry after their long voyage from Pohang, South Korea, so we took them to Mellow Mushroom for a pizza PARTY! With our bellies full we explored downtown Charleston a bit. We took them to Waterfront Park and the kids had their first experience with the intense summer heat and humidity of Charleston.
The children couldn't stand
the anticipation anymore.
They were very eager to
meet their host families,
so we went to the camp
facility, St. Andrew's Church
of Nazarene in West Ashley.
When we arrived it was a
lovely sight to see. The host
families were waiting outside
with balloons and welcome
posters. We matched the
host families with the Korean children that would be living in their house for the next two and half weeks. Some children were tentative and shy at first and other children started playing and asking questions right away. We asked the families to participate in some crazy ice breaker games so that they could get to know each other a little better. With one game they had to find three things that they had in common as a family by acting out or drawing activities. No words allowed!

The children gave camp t-shirts to the host families as a gift to show their appreciation for taking them into their homes. Chan-Woo Lee, the camp director, shared his gratitude to the families for their support and gave us a little taste of Asian culture by asking the children to bow since that is a typical greeting in Korea. Now that the families were together, it was time to set them free to explore their new host family homes and rest from their long trip. The children spent the rest of the weekend with their host families. Some families went to the beach while others just stayed close to the home. One family even played a big soccer match at their house on the first night. Wow! What energy!
Welcome Party , Saturday, July 26
We hosted a Welcome Party for our Korean guests at Happy Trials Farm on John's Island. We had a little rain, but that didn't stop the kids from playing soccer and bouncing in the jump castle. The kids made crafts and played games. There was a hay ride and the kids showed great interest in some of the farm animals, especially the goat! We had a huge spread of food, barbecue with all the fixins'. After a few hours of eating, playing, and socializing it was time to go home, so that everybody could get ready for their first week of camp.

First Day of Camp, Monday, July 28
The teachers divided the children into two groups, the Crabs & Turtles and then they were ready to go:
- In Art Class - Students painted their beach bags.
- In Science Class - Students made a biome which is an environment in a bag.
- In ELA Class - Students did silent reading and read a turtle story together.
- In Social Studies - Students made class flags for the two groups,
turtles and crabs.
- In Homeroom - Students started working on their memory books which
was a project to capture memories
from their camp experience.

The fieldtrips complemented the vocabulary and activities that the teachers were doing in class. The fieldtrips helped the students to explore Charleston first hand and get a real sense of the Lowcountry and Southern culture.
On Tuesday, July 29
the children experienced their first fieldtrip in downtown Charleston. They were super excited to ride on a big, yellow American school bus which took them to explore the SC Aquarium. They saw eels, sharks, turtles, sea otters, and other marine life. They even touched a snake. Yuck! The SC Aquarium fieldtrip was the first of many.

On Thursday, July 31 the kids took a trip on the big, yellow school bus again, but this time they went to Folly Beach on a rainy, overcast day. Don't worry! The gloomy weather did not inhibit the fun. The campers loved playing in the ocean and jumping the waves.
The next week we took another trip to Folly Beach on a sunny day, but the kids said they preferred the rainy day at the beach because the waves were bigger. The children built sandcastles and collected shells while observing typical American beach activities such as surfing, sunbathing, jet skiing, and kite boarding. They learned new vocabulary and recorded the experience in their memory book.

On Friday, August 1 the students, teachers, host families and other staff took a nature tour on a boat named the Palmetto with Sandlapper Tours. We had a local naturalist named Casey aboard the Palmetto to help us discover coastal wildlife. We saw Eastern Brown Pelicans diving down into the water and the children got especially excited when we got a glimpse of some dolphins playing in the creeks and the harbor. Casey taught us about the habitats of the abundant wildlife in Charleston harbors' estuaries. The guide pulled crab pots from the ocean's floor and our naturalist taught us how to tell the difference between a male and female crab. Do you know? Some kids were even brave enough to hold a crab after Casey taught them the correct way to hold crabs without getting attacked by their vicious claws. We put the crabs in our touch tank on board for further examination. We also took a stroll down an uninhabited barrier island close to the Morris Island lighthouse and Casey helped us to find really cool shells and even sharks' teeth. We were the only people on the island! It was a really great adventure!

On Thursday, August 7 the campers enjoyed their last fieldtrip with some good old fashioned fun at the James Island Water Park. They played tag in the water, splashed all the teachers at every chance they got, cruised around the lazy river on big tubes, and flew down the waterslides, some with screams of terror and others with screams of delight.
CLASS TIME during the CAMP:
We know it sounds like all
we did was fieldtrips, fieldtrips, fieldtrips, but that's not true. The kids did have camp days where they stayed at the church and worked on their English skills and other camp projects. The camp theme this summer was FUN IN THE SUN! Camp participants learned typical vocabulary and expressions associated with summer/vacation activities, marine life/other animals, eco-systems, and weather. They were developing conversational skills in English while also learning more about the United States and American culture. We designed the program to be like a typical American style camp. We included various classes such as Music/Drama, Homeroom, Art, Social Studies, English Language Arts, and Science. Students changed periods to give them the experience of an American school. Students engaged in a lot of interactive, hands-on activities such as creating their very own eco-systems in science class, learning about the regional art and history behind slave code quilting in social studies and even designing their very own quilt square that represented each child's own Summer Camp experience as part of a social studies class project. All the quilt squares from each student were pieced together to unite all the memories. In Music/Drama class students memorized lines and learned songs in English for the final presentation of Splash Kingdom at the camp graduation ceremony. In Art class, students decorated beach bags, beach balls and made sea shell picture frames.

Last Day of Camp in Charleston, Friday, August 8
The children rehearsed for their final presentation. Amazingly, just after two weeks of practice the campers sang songs and recited lines in English without reading! They learned fast with the help of great teachers!
Now it's off to Disney World!!!
Disney World, August 9 – August 12
Bright and early on Saturday morning at 4am sleepy children, host families, teachers, and chaperones gathered at the church. The kids would take one last trip on the big, yellow school bus. This time they went to the Charleston International Airport to embark upon another adventure, but this one involves Mickey Mouse. The children had to say their good-byes to their host families. They started another trip to Florida and said good-bye to South Carolina. Their flight left at 6am and they would have the whole rest of the day to enjoy Orlando. The teachers, chaperones, and kids spent three days at Disney World, exploring the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Universal Studios. What an exclamation point to end a great experience!

On August 12 the children and Korean chaperones departed for Pohang, South Korea eagerly awaiting the welcoming arms of their families and all the food they had been missing from their country. The goal of this camp was to spark the childrens' curiosity in learning more about the United States and American culture while developing conversational skills in English. We all had fun and learned a lot in the process.
This camp would not have been possible without the help
from so many people.
Thanks to all involved!
We couldn't have don't it without YOU!

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