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What do students say about our courses?


"We have a good balance of everything in the class."


"The class was good and I learned a lot of new things. We also had a lot of fun."


"This is a great class. It is challenging and sometimes difficult but I like hard work."


"I liked the mix of reading and writing and pronunciation. I learned a lot grammar rules."


"Nice teacher! And we aren't a lot of people, so you are sure to speak English"


"I learn and improved my English a lot. I am very happy about it. I feel more confident about speaking to Americans. Thank you. I will be in the next class!'


"Small group, very nice and competent teacher."


"I learned a lot of details which I could not catch for many years. The teacher thought me not just great English but the way to write it. I really like the materials, because they are interesting, different and easy to learn. It was such a pleasure coming to class because the teacher made it!"


"I went on the Charleston Nature Tour - a day at the park with English&More last Saturday. It was a great tour and a very informative English lesson in one. I have never thought I would learn so much. It was amazing to see how quick I learned vocabulary, how to describe the nature around us, and at the same time learned a lot about local vegetation, animals and even the history of Charleston. We listened to the birds chirping and leaves rustling, played the activity games and get know very interesting internationals living in Charleston. I would very recommend to everyone to join these incredible informative tours! Thank you English&More! See you next time!"


"I learn many new proverbs and idioms. It was fun! Thank you!"


"I liked the small class, the choice of the themes and the relaxed atmosphere. Another thing I liked are the role plays. The class is always interesting and it's fun! The location is nice and comfortable."


Field trips 

English&More students and teachers went on a lowcountry adventure!

We visited OLD SHELDON CHURCH RUINS in Yemassee SCand enjoyed an OYSTER ROAST at Kelly's in-law's house.


We had a Potluck lunch, so that means students brought a typical dish from their country to share with the group.


We had a great time and everybody practiced their English!


On May 26, 2014 (Memorial Day) some of our day English&More teachers and students celebrated the end of the Spring II term with an adventure that was definitely off the beaten path.


We all drove about one hour south to a historic site called Old Sheldon Church in the small town of Yemassee, close to Beaufort, SC. When we first arrived it was a little rainy and some of us had difficulty finding our destination because it was a little hidden in the thick, lush Lowcountry vegetation.


When we finally all arrived, Woody, a family friend of Kelly Criscitiello, told the E&M students and teachers the history of the church ruins which dates back to the pre-Revolutionary War period.


Click below to learn more about the history of Old Sheldon Church:



The weather cleared up and it turned into a nice, sunny summer day. After exploring Old Sheldon Church we went to check out Woody's house and garden which was also off the beaten path. His house was on a dirt road in the small town of Sheldon. There was a huge, beautiful oak tree that sheltered his home. He even let us say hello to his pet goat.


Next, we went to The Criscitiello's home right down the road for a Lowcountry Boil, which includes shrimp, sausage, corn, and potatoes all cooked together in a big pot and then dumped on a large table (usually outside) to be sharedwith friends. The students even picked their own potatoes from the garden to go in this dish. This was a potluck lunch so we shared many other dishes from English&More students, like Feijoada from Brazil, tortilla and empanada from Spain, and much more. We probably had enough food for five more parties!


Kelly's in-law 's, Debbie and Tony Criscitiello, showed great southern hospitality in sharing their home with E&M students. We enjoyed getting to know each other better and of course the students had a lot of English practice and an authentic American experience with some friendly locals.


We had good times and I hope there will be many more to come....

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